What is CAFM Software?

Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) is known as an all-inclusive tool for automating information, providing information-driven insight, and planning operational activities in a rapidly expanding corporate context. CAFM models enable firms to maintain appropriate management of their workplace, providing the opportunity to simultaneously view everything in each system. Businesses rely on CAFM technology to maintain a smooth and effective operation of their sites.

Facilities managers may track data from all corners of the facility using CAFM solutions, spot patterns, and make on- or remote organizational choices. CAFM technologies enable managers to carry out a range of administrative duties – such as planning, monitoring repairs, finalizing work orders, and monitoring compliance requirements – remotely. In addition, property managers may view the operation of facilities, view ongoing work orders and analyze the usage of on-site assets.

  • Covid Tech Solutions

  • Geo Fencing and Tracking

  • Asset Swapping

  • Energy Metering Solutions

  • Push to talk Solutions

  • Maintaining Inventory Levels

  • QR Code Generation

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator)


  • Solution Bank

  • Multi Location Management

  • Attendance Management

  • AMC and Warranty Management

  • Restroom Management

  • Space Management

  • Vehicle Management

  • Visitor Management

  • Inventory and Procurement

  • Document Management System

  • Dynamic Workflow with custom reports

  • Mobile Application

  • Mobile Offline Sync

Key Features of InnoMaint

Industries that can benefit from InnoMaint

  • Hospitals

  • Factories

  • Large Office Space

  • Large Appartments

  • Multi-outlet stores

  • Security and Escort Services

  • Hotels and Holiday Homes

  • AMC Service Providers

  • Educational Institutes

  • Transport Companies